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Yilan, surrounded by mountains and sea, is a great place for understanding the special culture and hospitality in northeastern Taiwan. The well-known Lanyan Museum, Yilan Literary Museum which preserves literature and history, and the National Center of Traditional Art make Yilan a place with rich culture deposit.

Social Media Hot Spots

In Yilan, there is no hurly-burly of the city, only the charm of old buildings and wonderful scenery. Toucheng Old Street is a popular attraction in Yilan for you to experience the old days. The bright-red steel Lizejian Bridge above Dongshan River is an eye-catching landmark on the Lanyan Plain. Last but not least, the Taxodium in Luodong Sports Park is now a hot spot on social media!

Spacious Scenic Area

Yilan is a place with breath-taking forest scenery. Where we have Wufongci Scenic Area that lies in the green mountains, the natural reservoir – Plum Blossom Lake, and Nanfang-ao Harbor where people can try fresh and delicious seafood. Welcome to Yilan, a place with clean water, fresh air, and mountains.